Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Morning Glimpse

Twas the morning (6am) of Christmas and all through the house,
just a few creatures were stirring including this little mouse.......who was having her breakfast with the eerie alien cat guarding the gifts Closer to 7am we heard the pitter patter of little feet, and some really big feet too And due to tradition they were made to wait on the steps until we got a good picture

And then the shouts and screams and laughter for the Dolphin pillow pet that she asked Santa for....

the hockey skates that he didn't even know he wanted.....

and the 50 flavor pack of Jelly Belly's that rocked his world!

And here is the Xbox Kinect that they just coincidentally had been planning on pooling their money together to buy(but were nowhere close!). They had no idea there was one already under the tree!

Lil' Lady got the hang of opening gifts right away, and then proceeded to open everyone else's as well
No surprise, she preferred sitting on the box rather than on the Sit & Spin waiting inside.

And since they've missed going to Hershey Park back home, hidden in their stockings were season passes to ValleyFair. This summer they can wear themselves out riding roller coasters everyday. Oh wait...that's my gift:)
It was all so fun and fantastic, but to stop and think about how much God has provided for us since last's literally mind boggling!In this economy, the sale of a house, the purchase of a house, and a 987 mile relocation might seem near impossible. But then when you add in being able to bring home our little girl all in the same year than you know there's only One who can make that all possible.

God is Good!

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