Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sunday Snapshot~ Boots

we've come full circle.

when the First Lady was just over 4 we decided it was time.

time to look for that little one that would one day be her sister,

and share her clothes.

you see, when we made that decision I began to set aside the First Lady's clothes that she had grown out of hoping a new little sister would wear them someday.

that day has come. behold our Lil' Lady proudly sporting her big sister's cowboy boots....

just her size.

unfortunately she can't wear them with her ankle braces but we won't tell her therapist.

after all, she won't be ropin' cattle or anything.

it's just a heckuva good time to wear'em, right?

oh, and the polka-dot dress was part of the First Lady's 2008 line too:)