Tuesday, April 22, 2014

found on the ipad April 22, 2014

wow. i need to get serious and put some time into the ol' blog. between school work, yearbook, the school art show & kids homework there's not much time left in the day to do much else. especially when you add in the baseball, softball and play practices. not complainin' about those however, that's the fun stuff! here we go with a heavy duty upload of pics found on my ipad.
our Oldest made the high school baseball team but then took a wild ball to the thumb the FIRST DAY OF PRACTICE. took a pic of it to watch the swelling but after a day it was back to normal. pheww!!
 the colonel helping to rehearse lines
 the colonel also deep fried hamburgers one night. yum
 the First Lady worn out after first night of softball practice
 from way back, 2013-2014 school year pictures! pre-K, elementary school, middle school and high school. sheesh. no wonder the hubs and i are worn out!
 the Lil' Lady likes to hoard. hoard, stack and balance. this is proof that she's good at it.
our Second sporting his new short "cut" for baseball season. that smile gets me every time.
eew. have to post these, although just the mere sight of snow makes me sick. our last blizzard that resulted in another snow day above.
 the bunny hanging out in our front yard that hopefully wasn't the same bunny being eaten by the bald eagle in our back yard.
so our Second has this app that alters photos. his dad is a frequent victim of this app.
the First Lady complained that a few kids at school were picking on her blonde eyebrows saying it looked like she had none. so she drew some in that night and had a good laugh. so glad she didn't let it get to her and she had a good sense of humor about it! 
i only have a few images from the net worthy of being saved on my ipad. they have to make me laugh when i'm feeling down or are words worth remembering. this otter was one. apparently otters don't like watermelon and the zookeeper knew it and gave it to him to catch his expression.
this is another. i need this tattooed on my forearm. 
Tinkerbell, our 18 yr. old on the left isn't much on the new kittens. this was a rare moment when she allowed Pippin to snuggle with the same blanket.

selfie interrupted.
another delicious dish courtesy of the colonel
???? not sure when or why this was happening
relaxing & sunbathing