Tuesday, May 31, 2011

...under construction

No posts for the next several days as we wrap up with school, prep for summer vacation and do some tweaking around here. Be back in a little while:)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~ Her donations

Well, it was now time to make her donations. Her party unfortunately did not have as many guests as she'd hoped but fortunately she was given some great things to donate- one of them being a pet store gift card that one friend thought she could use to pick out some donations on her own. Sweet.
As luck would have it, the day we chose to stop in and use the card was the same day a pit bull rescue had decided to set up with a few of their adoptees.

It didn't take long for that inevitable question to be asked, "mom, can we take one home?" That was a simple answer being that we already have a pit rescue of our own, one that has made it known that she doesn't care for other canines. So no, definitely not.  
She kinda knew that already, but made it her goal to try to convince everyone else who dared to stop for a few seconds to take one home. In the end she asked the rescue ladies what their bullies liked the best and they were totally shocked when she went and bought them with her gift card and handed them over.  Mission almost completed.

On her way out she proceded to tell others coming in that their were nice dogs to adopt in the back of the store. She's relentless I tell ya.

Next it was off to a different pet store to locate Last Hope, another local shelter that comes in on Saturdays to raise funds for their foster program.I love the determination on that face
They were quite amazed with this little girl who had given up presents for pet food that she could donate to dogs and cats, but if you knew her you wouldn't be surprised one bit. After all she does come from a long line of pet rescuers. Her great grandmother and great great aunt alone must've have taken in every stray in the state of Ohio.
We're so proud of you baby for making a difference

Saturday, May 14, 2011

9 months home~ Sunday Snapshot

Still lovin' my kitties

and my sibs Can't resist gettin' into things
and helpin' out the grown ups with their book keeping
Wishin' I had a purse, since I have a tendency to carry many things at once..... ..throughout the entire day. Here I am refusing to let go of the 8 things I insisted on carrying while also walking down the steps. My mom loves it when I do this. And I love to draw-

on my belly button, on the toilet, on the floor, in my books, and on my clothes.

Here I am at work.

I do my best drawings while

listening to the "Can can "

Sunday, May 8, 2011


I never had a sister, don't know that I really ever wished for one now that I think about it

It's been so fascinating to see their relationship blossom over the past 9 months

As the Lil' Lady becomes a wee bit more independent, the First Lady still wants to help her even more

which results in a clash at times, but it always ends well

And then there are those moments when we are annoyed with each other. Like when the First Lady set up her office in the middle of the living room to work and the Lil' Lady insisted on taking everything from her desk.

In my attempt to get her out of her sister's hair smooth things over I brought in another desk, chair and supplies but somehow it would all end up on the Lil' Lady's desk anyway. She's like that you see, she wants what you're having too and sometimes big sister isn't so keen on it. These are the moments when I get a glimpse of the future....when the 12 year old comes downstairs wearing the 16 year old's shirt and all h*ll breaks loose.

So for now I will treasure the moments where they are so infatuated with each other that they just lay on the floor together and laugh at nothing, or when they make laps around the main level just chasing a shoelace or jump rope that someone is dragging behind them. Sigh.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Snow flurries plus one first baseman

plus one pitcher
plus one awesome coach

plus one bored little sister

equals the first baseball practice of the year

Here we go:)