Friday, October 28, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~ The Light

second grade, and lovin' it. she has a teacher who wears fashion boots and silver painted nails so they're practically separated at birth the way she tells it.

but don't let the sparkles fool ya. she's every bit a tomboy and doesn't mind getting her nails dirty- I had to clean them out one morning before school when she snuck outside after a bath the night before to plant the seeds from her apple in the backyard.

this year we're The Lady Raven. who is that you ask? well, I'm so glad you did because her costume this year was totally pieced together bit by bit from about 3 different thrift stores...all based upon the mask that grandma brought home from Cracker Barrel. the name is as made up as her costume. she wanted to be something totally unique and believe me, this get up is so her.

she is definitely the light. aside from a bit of sassy that has turned up since starting second grade she is still her big hearted self looking to save the world, or at least all of the creatures living in it. she's still loves to make things. just this morning she took all the toilet paper rolls and stacked them together putting a green pom pom on top and called it a toilet paper tree. she insisted we keep it in the bathroom as a much more aesthetically pleasing way to store toilet paper than in the cabinet.

here she is defacing my new People magazine before I can get a chance to crack the cover. it comes on Fridays and is my guilty pleasure. now i have to wonder when Beyonce' grew a mustache and freakishly long armpit hair.
this was summer at the county fair getting a brain freeze from a spaghetti sundae

our First Lady is something else i tell ya. sometimes i wonder what it will be like when she's 16 because i swear i can't keep up with her now at just 7. she speaks her mind and stands her ground... nothing gets passed her. of course, that's the way her daddy and i like it-

any future boyfriends had better look out.


  1. Love her mask! My 6 year sounds just like her, and I cringe when I think of her as a teenager. Lord help Great captures of your lovely daughter :)

  2. What a cutie! Luv her spunk and hope it stays that way forever!
    Nancy-of the crazy 9