Monday, October 17, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~ Lasts

seventh grade. wow. i remember being surprised i had a kid in kindergarten.

now look at him
5.5 and three quarter inches and 113 pounds already. thanks to fracturing a big toe about a week ago we've been to the doctor a few times - so now i know his stats we used to get by on two gallons of milk a week. lately he's been having a jug glass
with his cookies after school; now i find myself calling the hubs to pick up a third gallon on his way home from work every now and then.
i'm starting to get the sense that he'd rather spend more time with his friends than with us, and i've found myself missing the little guy he used to be so many years ago. There's a book I bought years ago when he was just a toddler titled " Let Me Hold You Longer" by Karen Kingsbury. Another teacher recommended it and I used to get teary just reading it then. It's a lesson on not just remembering their firsts, but their lasts as well. I wish I remembered that last night that I carried him up to bed. Because there was one ya know, and I just don't remember it. If I knew it was going to be the last time I certainly would have tucked that memory way back in my brain. Or even the last bath I gave him or the last time he snuggled on my lap. I told myself when I got that book that I would pay attention and try to take note of those lasts but they slipped by me so quiet and fast that I missed them. I mean, how can you really catch them? When do you know it's going to be "the last"?
i don't know, but I may have caught one a few nights ago when I convinced him to go with me through the haunted cemetary and he grabbed my hand and held it tight the entire way through.

i'm thinking I better remember that one.


  1. oh man, this made me teary! He's a handsome young man!

  2. Oh wow! Yes they grow so fast! I will be sure to think the same way when my daughter grows up and starts kindergarten. SOOO for now I'll cherish the times I have with her and not rush her growing up too soon. She will get there when she gets there right?

    HE is a growing young man you got there :)

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  3. This is so sweet!!! I definitely need to remember this!