Monday, June 10, 2013

Sunday Snapshot~ the 8th grade dance

about 3 weeks ago we had a dance....
the 8th grade dance, and our first. it was kind of a big deal:) 
Ni Hao Yall
it required a ticket, a new pair of pants, shirt and tie and even shoes. the shoes were second hand thank goodness. i hate buying something new that's only going to be worn a few times!
and then there was a date...which meant there was a corsage:)
luckily the away game he had was cancelled due to rain so instead of being late like we had planned, we had some time to kill before leaving for the friends house where they had all planned to congregate.
so let's talk then a bit about how much this kid has changed. shoe size? 12.5, almost a 13 really. Pants size? 32x32. That just blows my mind. I mean come on, he's only 14...what's going to happen when he's 18??
i love Arwyn's expression in this picture! i think she agrees that he's a bit full of himself.
he was especially proud of the tie we happened across. school colors. at the price we paid i told him he could wear it 4 years from now at graduation too. and for every other occasion up until then!

but he did look was nice to see him dressed up for once.

we arrived at a friends house where we were invited to stay to take pictures. we had to wait quite a bit though. our Oldest was feelin' a bit awkward due to the fact that he was the only guy there among 7 young ladies getting their hair done. but the First Lady went along so we practiced with my new camera. she enjoyed watching the girls get ready and couldn't wait for the big moment when he would give his date her corsage.
then she got to have her picture taken with them....that was a big deal too:)

such pretty dresses. i was a little shocked though at what i saw later on that night when i went to pick them up at the dance. i wondered how some of the other girls i saw were allowed to leave the house in what they were wearing!
one other date showed up, the rest of the ladies were going as a group
all i kept thinking about while watching these girls is that it would be another 5 years before the First Lady would be headed to her 8th grade dance. seems like it's so far away but something tells me it will be here before i know it!
i took this shot of all of the other funny!
what a nice couple.

it was tricky to get everyone to look at the camera, as so many people were taking pictures!
in all they had a great night.

{at home after the dance}

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  1. Looks like he had a fun time!

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