Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Snapshot~ 17 months

only 17 months between them,
but they are night & day.  
they've played just about every sport together since they were 5 & 4.
 soccer was not their favorite,
but baseball was, and still is:)
i was told by someone after our second was born that they would be the best of friends being so close in age. well, for the most part they are, but they do have their moments.
i've lost track of how many characters we've been over the years. 
the 2 of'em were always dressing up as something or someone! 
i still have those Batman and Robin costumes. they wore them to death! last year they found them in a closet, squeezed into them went runnin' out into the cornfield behind the house. i'd show you the picture that was taken but it's a bit disturbing, so i'll spare you. 
yes, there were weapons, many kinds. we had no problem with that:)

and still have those football costumes too, one of them actually still fits in the Steeler's costume...not sayin' who. 
i remember this day like it was yesterday. lil' brother didn't want to sit still so our oldest had a death grip around him. i always loved that look of determination on one and desperation on the other that was captured. can you tell which has which?
ahhh... the magician and chef stage. the foodie is still around, but thankfully the magician has not "re-appeared" 
yeah, these two are the best of friends and i'm so happy they will always have each other 
they've already promised each other that when their wives die they will buy an old house in the woods and sit on the front porch together with their dogs and grow corn.
they've had this plan for the past 6 years. i think it surfaced about the time they watch the movie Second-Hand Lions for the first time.
 we've told them since they were very little that no other friendship will be as important as the one they have.

 and a girl should never, ever come between them.
here's hopin' they will always have each other's back..  
and their Batman and Robin costumes:)
Ni Hao Yall

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