Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010

Can I just get a couple of decent pictures for heaven sakes??

Head on over to Ni Hao Y'all for some Sunday Snapshots that are probably a lot better than mine!

Ahhh........there they are:)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

We're Still Around!

Just a tad busy, that's all. Before I tell you about the present, let's look at a few pics from 5 days ago when we were finally given our little girl at the agency in Korea and we sped off in the taxi to the hotel with a seriously distraught lil' lady.

Our oldest was a huge help and was not afraid to try to calm the storm.

After a while it was the carrier that worked. After all, the foster mom we were told, carried her throughout the day. Here I am in the hotel kitchenette trying to get that first bottle ready. When dad and big brother went out to forage for dinner she came out of her shell just a little bit. The bathroom seemed to be a favorite, especially after I pulled out the bubbles.

See this big empty space? This is where I would have written about the 14 hour plane ride home with a grieving 12 month old. Instead we shall not speak of it. Ever.

Needless to say we were ecstatic getting off the plane - brothers were reunited,

the first lady was silly happy to see her daddy.....

...and the lil' lady was a bit shy.

Others were overcome with joy at finally seeing us all together

{sorry mom, had to post this one} At home we did our best to resume some type of routine for this girl. It helped that she had a big sister who insisted on doing everything to take care of her.

They are the best of friends already

Big sister pulled out the Korean pop group the Wonder Girls for lil' sister to listen too thinking she'd recognize them.
{Make sure you pause the music on the left before playing the video!}

Monday, August 9, 2010

Looks rather peaceful, doesn't it?

Well, these are the moments that she literally crashes.

After a whole lotta cryin'.

We're able to comfort her a little bit, but it's tough on her.
Going on hour 5 and when we open our eyes and see that foster mom is not there we grieve. This girls got a broken heart for sure.

We're Here! Part 3

Today's the day!
Today, Tuesday August 10th 2010 will forever be the day that our family became complete. In about a half hour or so we will travel south across the beautiful Han River to the agency for the last time to meet with our daughter's social worker, and go over paperwork. Her foster mother will then say her final goodbyes and then pass our daughter to us. It will be bittersweet. Although it is a joyous day for our family, our daughter will be grieving for her foster mother and we will do our best to comfort her. Please keep us, our little girl, and her foster mother in your prayers. We are so grateful for this child.

God is good.

In the meantime, enjoy some pics of our oldest out and about Seoul. The hotel netowork has been down the last day and a half so they are long overdue! Here, we were at Seoul Tower to place a lock on the fence for our daughter.

And now at the Korean War Museum

It was spectacular and one of our favorite places so far. We took several pictures, but here are just a few

The reaction after finding a Pizza Hut (a.k.a. familiar food)
Although, even Pizza Hut even had a Korean spin and we had to search high and low on the menu for a plain ol' pepperoni pizza

One of the many shops in Itaewon

Our scroll guy in Itaewon- he was amazing to watch, I tell ya
He's working on a rice paper scroll with our family name. I can't wait to get this thing framed and on our wall!

Okay, this requires a little explanation. The equivalent to Walmart in Seoul has a few floors and escalators you can put your shopping cart on. Our oldest was exhausted from the heat and walking so I stuffed him in the cart- he managed to get a few head rubs from the locals who must've thought he was worse off than he really was.
Gandalf The White!! Who would've thought we'd run into him in Korea!
{ much to the delight of two Lord of The Rings junkies}

And I have to include this. No, the picture is not upsidedown- this is how I found him playing his DS on the couch earlier.