Sunday, August 15, 2010

We're Still Around!

Just a tad busy, that's all. Before I tell you about the present, let's look at a few pics from 5 days ago when we were finally given our little girl at the agency in Korea and we sped off in the taxi to the hotel with a seriously distraught lil' lady.

Our oldest was a huge help and was not afraid to try to calm the storm.

After a while it was the carrier that worked. After all, the foster mom we were told, carried her throughout the day. Here I am in the hotel kitchenette trying to get that first bottle ready. When dad and big brother went out to forage for dinner she came out of her shell just a little bit. The bathroom seemed to be a favorite, especially after I pulled out the bubbles.

See this big empty space? This is where I would have written about the 14 hour plane ride home with a grieving 12 month old. Instead we shall not speak of it. Ever.

Needless to say we were ecstatic getting off the plane - brothers were reunited,

the first lady was silly happy to see her daddy.....

...and the lil' lady was a bit shy.

Others were overcome with joy at finally seeing us all together

{sorry mom, had to post this one} At home we did our best to resume some type of routine for this girl. It helped that she had a big sister who insisted on doing everything to take care of her.

They are the best of friends already

Big sister pulled out the Korean pop group the Wonder Girls for lil' sister to listen too thinking she'd recognize them.
{Make sure you pause the music on the left before playing the video!}


  1. tears of joy that your family is FINALLY together...god bless you all!

  2. Congrats and Welcome Home!!! She is beautiful!

  3. Congratulations!! She is home at LAST :) And she is positively darling!!

  4. Congratulations!! Finally home... and a family all together. Wonderful!!

  5. Love the pictures! Your newest little one is adorable!!!

    Can't wait to see more updates! :)

  6. I just got your postcard out of our mailbox! How wonderful! Oh my goodness these pictures made me cry for joy! Just beautiful! What a happy family. I'm sure the adjustment for Meesong were not easy, however, I'm also sure God is greatly blessing all of you.

    You are just a wonderfully beautiful family! Can't wait to show RC when he gets home!

    Hugs and love,
    Karen G.