Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Snapshot-

So, it's Sunday again, and I'd like to feature our second- our snack-lovin', fourth grade girl crushin', cursive writin' kid. Don't forget to check out other Sunday Snapshots right here!
First off, I gotta show these. I'm not the kind of mom to be flaunting my kids grades. Never have before. But for those of you who know this kid (and I'm hoping his second and third grade teachers are checkin' in) you know that math has been an issue, as well as deciphering his handwriting. So feast your eyes on these math assessments and tests Grandparents......

....and this awesome handwriting that you can read! More time is spent on cursive here than back home which has worked to his advantage, slowing him down enough to take his time. Plus kids looove to write in cursive so he's been practicing at home a lot. Isn't it beautiful?
The following are a glimpse into his personality.
Number one, he's a cut-up. This is something he just whipped up the other day.

Number two, he's hungry. This is how he prefers for his food to be offered to him. Buffet style, with many, many options to choose from. This is not every night, mind you. This would be an example of a Sunday football game meal.

This was his attempt to "put on some weight" a few days ago. Apparently thinking he was too skinny he bulked up with 8 different layers. He was proud of that.

Number three, he's an outdoor man. He can't sit inside for too long; it eats at him. While others are perfectly happy to while away winter drawing, playing dolls, watching movies or playing the Wii. He wants to go out. It could be windy and 0 degrees, he doesn't care. I can always tell when it's time; he'll go and stand and stare out the window.


  1. Sounds like an incredibly well-rounded guy: intellectual AND funny (and fashionable, too!)
    Thanks for the fun Sunday Snapshot... you've definitely got a keeper there :)

  2. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! Had to come over and check out your Sunday Snapshot! What a cutie and such personality!!! He looks like he is a lot of fun and great job on those grades!! LOL!!