Monday, June 21, 2010

Sunday Snapshot- If We've Ever Needed You, Lord It's Now

This is an encore of my last Sunday Snapshot that appeared a bit later than Sunday last week. Just wanted to keep it out there as long as possible.
For the last several weeks I've been hearing a new song by Casting Crowns bouncing around the radio waves. It's an awesome song with a very important message to begin with, but it wasn't until the last week that I started to think about the Gulf every time I tuned in hoping to catch it. (I really need to just go and buy the CD). Then just yesterday during prayer time at church it was mentioned that our human efforts to contain the oil spill were just not enough....that we needed God's hand to fix it.

No. Kidding.
So today I spent some time googling and found this wonderful video that someone made that must've made the same connection with the song and events in the Gulf.

{be sure to hit the pause button on the playlist to the left before watching the video!}

Lives greater than these have been lost as well as a steady income that feeds a family in Louisiana.

Unfortunately those lives can't be brought back and no matter how much damages are paid it will never be enough for that fisherman who's been at it for 31 years.

But this is our fault and we can't turn our backs on those who can't help themselves.

Those who don't understand why they can't fly,

or why they can no longer swim or breathe.

Pray my friends, and think about clicking here and -> DOING SOMETHING

Sunday, June 20, 2010