Sunday, October 17, 2010

This one counts- Sunday Snapshot

This autumn, we are officially moved, family in place, boxes unpacked, and with a new little one home. Last year at this time, our lives were in quite the upheaval. Even though there were times we weren't sure it would all fall into place, it did.

God is Good

I love these little hands

She's still adhering to the rule that in order to choose the right pumpkin you must put your ear on it and listen close enough to hear it heave a happy sigh Shop cat at the pumpkin patch, too mean to be named the owner said

The End


  1. Oh the joys of a leaf pile in fall...
    Still waiting for enough leaves to fall here in NC!

  2. It's nice to be settled this time of year as you prepare for winter, isn't it?

  3. you take the most amazing pictures!

    Karen G.