Thursday, July 28, 2011

A year ago today.....

We got this
It was a bit earlier than expected, and no matter how long we had waited for that phone call we still weren't quite prepared to hear those words- your little girl is ready to come home
Now, just a few days ago we celebrated her second birthday with a monkey theme. You see, a few months ago she suddenly became attached to a little stuffed monkey and he now has become her bedtime buddy -so a monkey theme it was!
Her party was waiting for her when she woke up from her nap but the first thing she wanted to do was play with the party cups

Her sister and brothers helped out by loaning monkeys found in their bedrooms

After the cups she found the white cheddar Cheetos.....

and then browsed the gift table

Her sibs gave her sunglasses, monkeys in a barrel and her own hairbrush and mirror

This little guy is one of the many small tokens and trinkets we brought back from Korea. Our plan is to give her one for her birthday each year. This was actually an unwrapped Happy Meal toy that wiggles his ears when you wind him up. She wasn't all that impressed and loved the sunglasses more. Still, a keepsake someday

She's obviously seen this before, and knows the special power it holds

She also loved the bling

So glad I caught this look so others can witness it- I seem to be the only one that gets it lately

And then we brought out the tricycle and the festivities were pretty much over

since she promptly sat upon it and wouldn't get off for the rest of the party

Happy Birthday sweet girl, we are so happy to finally share your birthday with you:)

Friday, July 22, 2011

She's two

Yes, today is the day. Time has gone unbelievably fast and even though we have not been able to share an entire year with her yet it seems as if she has been with us forever. Here are some of my favorite recent pics of our Lil' Lady.

Since her brothers have a whopper of a game tonight and two tomorrow we are celebrating on Sunday when there is plenty of time to monkey around and eat fistfuls of cake. Stay tuned....

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Her first meet

She wasn't really nervous at all when we were about to leave the house
But once we arrived at the gym those nerves kicked in a little

Her first event was the beam, you know, that thing that makes mama cringe whenever she sees those girls on TV jumpin' around on it
She was able to warm up first

and then this was her performance

Next it was the uneven bars, she seems to really love this one

The floor exercise; mama's favorite since she's, well, on the floor

Her coach...check out those muscles!
Her brothers anxiously waiting to see if and where she placed. Sweet, especially since she's attended 99% of their baseball games in the last several years!

She was quite relieved it was over
ya think?