Saturday, August 25, 2012

Sunday snapshot~ headed for third

Ni Hao Yall

can it be so? third grade..... really? because my third graders at school always seem so old to me; like there's some big change that happens the summer between second and third. problem is, i just don't see it yet with the First Lady. maybe it's denial, but my little girl is still my little girl. so here's a bit of an update on her lately.
cheer leading. we did a bit of that last spring. learned a few basics, gained some confidence and performed in a group in front of hundreds. she concluded it wasn't her cup of tea and decided this fall to head back into gymnastics.
hair. it's a problem my friends. the longer it grows the more maintenance it needs and she wants none of it, but she wants to keep it long. i've tried everything, but she detests me doing anything with it. i've stumbled through many you tube tutorials on french braiding and various other styles but i suck at all of it (don't forget two boys came before her) anyhow, she's more than happy with the unkempt wind blown look.
which thankfully worked great at the beach, but i'm dreading those school mornings comin' up.
she's still loves turning trash into treasure. the box below was where she took her lunch 4 days in a row this week. it came from our new dishwasher but she made it her own personal space. she even invited the Lil' Lady in a few times to decorate the walls with chalk.
she wants to be so many things right now. she'll tell you she wants to be on America's Got Talent, probably singing or with her own animal act she says. she wants to take care of all the wildlife out there and give them massages. she wants to be in the newspaper in the worst way (because some how she got the thought that everyone she knows has been in the newspaper but her) and she wants to marry a man with a dog.
either way she's got some time to figure it out, it's only her third grade year.
here's hopin' it's a stellar one!