Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~ Yeah, I know....

Ni Hao Yall's been nothin' but the sisters lately. But if you knew how hard it was to get a shot of the brothers you'd understand. I'm workin' on it though, especially of our oldest who in exactly one month will be twelve.
Anyhow, got a huge pile up of first lady pics I need to post so I just went through and picked my faves. She just hates to have her picture taken, can ya tell? Wink

So here we have big bro at his re-enactment last fall. He was attempting to get the first lady into some period style clothing
She didn't find it stylish enough for her tastes

So she spiced it up a bit

Crazy outfit day at school

This one below is my absolute favorite picture

Dress up box Saturday

Waitin' for her cookies to bake....

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

6 Months Home....

A few months after I got here I realized this is where you went to get some
serious business done

Although I haven't been able to tell yet why they hang out here so much.

So I waited a few months more and decided to try to find out what was so cool about it
Well, it must not be for the climbin' because this really isn't challenging me at all
Maybe there's a clue in here somewhere....... Hey look, a cheerio!

Uh- oh, someone's comin'....

Hey listen, this was all you, okay? 

Monday, February 14, 2011

Our second....tiny update

So our boys aren't much for having their pictures taken lately. It's been hard to catch them. Knowing that they're probably going to end up on here is most likely why:)
But I did catch this moment a while back. The lil' Lady had been napping in the office and woke up crying. When I went to go get her, this is what I saw...big brother heard the crying and ran upstairs to bring down a music box for her. He was a bit embarassed when I caught him.
Yet another attempt to stay up past 10pm on a Friday night
Sportin' the long locks lately
And there you have it, our second boy, not quite ten and a half yet. Still hatin' math but lovin' to cook...and can't wait for this snow to be gone so he can get out there in his shorts and play basketball and baseball.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

SuperBowl Sunday

Another house divided, and only a few of us unhappy with the outcome of the game.
 All I can say, is when you grow up a Cleveland Brown's fan in northeast Ohio, it doesn't matter who's playing Steelers- you root for the other team. So most of us put on some green to root for the Packers. Didn't have much, because we're still up here tryin' our best to be Viking's fans so any shade of green it was. 

 Then some tried to recruit more allies- "what? you say I need to root for Pittsburgh?"
 And a certain lil' Lady gained an appreciation for the game, and some mad skills you'll see below.
 Maybe some powder puff football in her future??
 Towards the end, only one admitted defeat
 Taking the ball into the end zone......
.....and gettin' her touchdown celebration groove on

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~Tea

The first lady and I hadn't had tea in a looong while. So when I decided to clue her in one day on my secret "mom chocolate stash" she suggested we have tea like real ladies.
Since we were being sneaky she also wanted to swipe her big brother's half a Mountain Dew, but despite that not being exactly polite I mentioned also that Mountain Dew didn't really seem to be something you'd drink during tea.  
So this was her cup of "tea" with a Reese's Peanut Butter Christmas tree
and this was mine
She wanted to have proper tea conversation, so this is what she started with.....
"So my son has been pretty naughty, but I sent him to work"

I bet these tea cups have never seen Cherry Coke before!
And while I was editing, I came across these never before posted pics of one of her artistic creations from last year

Yeah, she was proud of that!