Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunday Snapshot~ halloween,yikes!

so I got up early today to post our Halloween pics before turkey day arrives. i'm so behind on all of this blogging business!
 this year we decided to have two parties. two parties on the same night. the 4th graders came from 6-8pm and then the high schoolers came from 8:30-11pm. in our efforts to get to know the people our kiddos hang out with at school it has created a lot of work. but party prep is just the kind of work I like so here goes!
 snacks were all divided in half so when the second group arrived we just replenished!
 our oldest put this together. there were a few 4th grade girls hesitant to use the bathroom at first but when you lifted the lid wolf man actually hung on to it for you so it was quite handy.
 the hubs was "the fox" from the infamous video.  

 the First lady invited quite a few, but some of the girls couldn't make it so we had many more boys.
and that made a huge difference, I tell ya.

those boys were crazy pants and on more than one occasion i had to whip out my teacher hat.

as soon as the littles cleared out the high schoolers arrived and they were a breath of fresh air!
at least they weren't piling on top of each other every chance they got!

most of them were actors from the plays our oldest had been in so they kept us entertained and laughing all night.
especially during haunted Pictionary.
in all it's a pretty good group of kids and we're glad we've gotten a chance to get to know them off stage at least.
on halloween night it was time for trick or treat. yes, i realize our oldest is 14 and 6ft, but i truly believe there's worse things teens can be doing halloween night than going from house to house for candy. it's only one night a year, let'em have some fun too.
the Lil' Lady, however, couldn't be held back! in years past she struggled to get through just a few houses with all of the walking but this time we couldn't slow her down!

when it got too cold and she got too tired we did cheat and put her in the car though

had to take this picture. the Vikings obviously aren't doing too well this season. notice the face they drew on the bag they put over his head!

throughout the evening she became a bit more brazen. she would run to the door and ask if they had their candy ready and on one occasion she asked if she could have more when 2 pieces were dropped in her bag already!

the poor folks who held out the bowl and said "pick what you want" didn't realize it was a 5 minute process so we had to put the kabash on that after the first few.
then there were those who just left their bowl with a sign that said "take one, please!" she always took one, but i had to take a picture of this bowl....those who know this girl will know which one she picked
her favorite color is blue:)
Happy Halloween 2013! 

Ni Hao Yall

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Favorite Photo Friday~ Fall 2013

so time is just flyin' by. i can't believe we're only 19 days out from Thanksgiving!
 love this photo. we were on our way out of a corn maze a few weeks ago and it was cold and drizzly. the Lil' Lady had fallen asleep so unfortunately she didn't make it in the picture.
 the corn pit...not sure who had more fun!

 it sure was tough to maneuver yourself around in that corn. great exercise for the Lil' Lady!

 the parakeet tent was our could hand feed those little buggers.

 you had to watch where you stepped! don't know why but they were fond of my Skechers.

we ventured to a real pumpkin patch the following weekend.. 

 i could have spent hours, just walking around and looking at every single one. i have a serious pumpkin fetish...i admit it. i want to take them all. 

 at one point i reached down to pick up a tiny one that seemed so perfect. i was shocked to realized it was only a half of a pumpkin and hiding inside was the cutest little mouse.
 so i plopped another pumpkin on top to keep him in there so i could show the kids. he seemed to enjoy the ride across the patch.
 shortly after i snapped the picture he'd had enough and leaped onto my shirt, over my shoulder, down my back and back into the patch. what a find!

Happy Fall y'all!
God is good:)