Saturday, November 9, 2013

Favorite Photo Friday~ Fall 2013

so time is just flyin' by. i can't believe we're only 19 days out from Thanksgiving!
 love this photo. we were on our way out of a corn maze a few weeks ago and it was cold and drizzly. the Lil' Lady had fallen asleep so unfortunately she didn't make it in the picture.
 the corn pit...not sure who had more fun!

 it sure was tough to maneuver yourself around in that corn. great exercise for the Lil' Lady!

 the parakeet tent was our could hand feed those little buggers.

 you had to watch where you stepped! don't know why but they were fond of my Skechers.

we ventured to a real pumpkin patch the following weekend.. 

 i could have spent hours, just walking around and looking at every single one. i have a serious pumpkin fetish...i admit it. i want to take them all. 

 at one point i reached down to pick up a tiny one that seemed so perfect. i was shocked to realized it was only a half of a pumpkin and hiding inside was the cutest little mouse.
 so i plopped another pumpkin on top to keep him in there so i could show the kids. he seemed to enjoy the ride across the patch.
 shortly after i snapped the picture he'd had enough and leaped onto my shirt, over my shoulder, down my back and back into the patch. what a find!

Happy Fall y'all!
God is good:)

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