Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

 Christmas Eve


stuffers for the cats and dog :)

{our Tinkerbell @ 18. Didn't think she'd make it another Christmas but here she is!}
 anticipation mounts as they wait on the steps
someone's a bit tired...


 "Tangled" is her obsession:)
 still loves those old rock bands!

 the hockey gloves were a complete surprise...not even on his radar:)

 a little overcome by the boots i guess!

 her new favorite thing is Little Red Riding Hood, by chance her big bro and i stumbled across these puppets at the toy store. who'd have thought??

 couldn't wait to try on his shoes and clothes...representing our home state1
 God is Good!
Merry Christmas :)

Sunday, December 21, 2014

awaiting Christmas

can I just say how fast Christmas 2014 has come?
it just seems like we started back to school a few weeks ago! the every day grind of work and school for everyone just makes the days fly by.
{the First Lady (10.5)...asking for an american girl doll, make up, clothes, and lots of other girly things for Christmas this year}
 so here's our annual decorating the tree photos. we put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving and the following weekend we dig out the ornaments, load up on cookies and get those trees decorated.

 {our second (14)...asking for clothes, cologne, a new hockey stick and nike socks this year for Christmas]
 {our oldest (15.5)...asking for workout clothes, cologne, headphones this year for Christmas}
 {and then the Lil' Lady(5)...asking for Legos, nail polish, princess dolls and many, many, many other things this year for Christmas}
 this season we were blessed to have acquired tickets to see Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith in concert. sponsored by Cracker Barrel where my mom works, she won them and was nice to pass them on to us! we even got to meet and shake his hand!
 we spotted this on our trek through the big city after the concert which the hubs found hilarious.
 just yesterday we volunteered to ring the bells for a few hours in front of Sam's Club for the Salvation Army. i took the First Lady and a few friends for the first hour and then the hubs took the boys on the second. good thing, because with 24 degrees temps none of us could have lasted the entire two hours! they absolutely loved it and hope to do it again next year.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Only a few days to go:)
God is good

Monday, November 24, 2014

can't forget softball!

the First Lady played from April to October this year...the regular season and fall ball.
 learning some pitching drills
 love how excited she is here:)

 this was her summer team, she played 10u.

 slidin' into home!

 our Oldest asked me throw him a pack of smarties...right after he caught them he fell backward!
 she sure is a fast runner...her teammates awarded her the "fastest runner" at the end of the season!

 the Lil' Lady attended E.V.E.R.Y. game... the First Lady's and her brothers games!
 here she got to be a spectator at a very special "friends" baseball game.


  this was her first time pitching. i know she was a bit nervous but she did awesome!
 this was her fall team:)

 stealing home!

 she dove for the ball here...she got it and then threw it to first for an out:)

 at the end of the season her team placed third in state!

here's to her third season coming soon in about 137 days!