Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~ Her party.....

...this year was a bit different
There's a commercial that airs every so often that features sad- eyed cats and dogs

{like this}

{and this}
{and this} in shelters with a very sad tune playing in the background.
Every time it's on she gets sad.... and then she gets mad.

So when it came time to decide what kind of birthday party she wanted to have she said ~ a cat and dog party.

When we googled ideas we came across an animal rescue party idea, where your guests bring shelter donations like pet food, litter and chew toys .... instead of B*rbies, B*rbies and more B*rbies.

I mean, how many of those can a kid have? She was all for that idea, I'm tellin' ya,
and I was impressed. So she invited the girls from her class and even though it was spring break and only a few could make it, it was a success We held our own little shelter adoption and she decorated with all of her favorite puppy and kitty things Can ya believe there were 282 of those graham cracker bones in there? Even Lil' Lady got in the groove when they played Dance Central

She even coerced a guest into reading her a book
Then Mama tried to show everyone how to create a balloon dog

{after one practice session on YouTube}

Let's just say they had heads and that's about it.
{Thanks Grandma for pitching in to help}Then it was time to open her "gifts"

She got tennis balls, rawhide and a squeaky rubber chickenAlong with plenty of chow, milk bones and canned cat food. One family even gave her a pet store gift card so she could pick out some things of her own to donate. Next weekend she plans on headin' down to Last Hope to give them her birthday donations.

She can't wait


  1. I think I know just the commercial you are referring to...gets u's every time. My daughter recently went to a similar party. Both of our cats are shelter cats and it was so hard to see all those little faces peering through the bars of their cages. Looks like there will be some happier animals in your area soon!

  2. Ah Natalie

    PopPop and Grandma are so proud of you.

    Way beyond your years and a spitfire full of energy and pretty confident to say the least -- tell your moma to stop with the tear jerking pictures and sad songs, PopPop can't take it and I have no room for another dog -all though I saw several on Last Hope's web site that are real possibilites what ya say?

    As you say to me every night,
    Dont's forget to say your Prayers.


  3. Thats so sweet and precious. So many kids would not do something like that. A belated Happy Birthday to your wonderful,loving and giving daughter.

    signed our mommy reads your moms blog but we are her pet guinea pigs.

  4. What a great idea! Such a sweet kiddo!