Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What not Wednesday-2


To begin I'd like to mention I made it to church this past Sunday, something that's been difficult to accomplish since the Lil' Lady came home in August. I think in the last 8 months I've made it to church maybe 6 times?? In the beginning it was warranted because we needed to keep her world small after coming home which was to aid in the attachment process. Then, as time went on it was just me who stayed home while everyone else went since the only person she attached to right away was me. Then when it was time to take her to church I realized she wasn't ready for the nursery and wasn't keen on sitting during the service so I spent some time in the foyer area with her trying to watch on the tv monitor. She wasn't havin' that either. So my plan then was to stay home and listen to the podcast of the service. That didn't last long because to be honest if I didn't listen to it first thing during the week I never got to it. So for months I allowed everything else to come first and it made a difference. A huge difference, might I add. Because this past Sunday when our entire family arrived, together, and the Lil' Lady was tucked safely inside the nursery (and having a great time I should say) and we stood and sang and prayed and listened I felt like I was home- like I had been away on some crazy vacation for the past month and I was finally relieved to be back.. and that has made a huge difference.

This photo was taken a few weeks ago. I was heading to the kitchen and glanced out on the deck and saw this. hmmm.... wonder what that was all about? It looks like there's some serious conversation goin' on.

And have you seen this family yet, together since 2007, 13 kids and counting and the most together family I've e.v.e.r. seen? I tune in live to check on them every once in a while and I am blown away by the teamwork and sheer compassion for each aother and their kids that both mom and dad display at all hours of the day and even in the worst of situations. They can weather any storm I tell ya and they do it without one complaint. If anyone inspires me to be a better parent it's these two. Tune it, you won't regret it.

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  1. It's great that you were able to go "home" again!! :)

  2. so glad you were able to go to church and enjoy yourself! and i love that picture of your kiddos...i love lil' lady's hair!

  3. So glad you made it back to church--it really makes such a huge difference, doesn't it?