Monday, November 1, 2010

The Party

Check out a cool alternative to trick or treat over at Ni Hao Y'all! So they wanted to have a Halloween party, but with mama on leave with the lil' lady, there's not much cash flow.So we still had the party - but just for us - and because the kids were off of school due to conferences they took the whole day to plan and get ready.
bobbin' for apples became quite competitive,and someone had to be show-off.

After watching her sibs, Lil' lady felt the pressure to snag one,
and she wasn't givin' up! As chilly as it was, she was determined

Our attempt at spooky snacks
Bloody Craisins scabs, my favorite.

How cool are the crunchy pretzels bones hidden under the foyer rug?

We had a pepper carving contest
Some preferred to just eat them instead
Who needs a party with a ton of

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