Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Appointment Part 3~ Sunday Snapshot

So this guy knew it was coming. For almost three weeks he waited knowing it was his turn next. You see, I scheduled him last for a reason- he loves the anticipation almost as much as the actual thing he's waiting for.

So I felt some pressure in planning his day. It would have to be centered around eating, since that's his thing you know.

Now these aren't pics from his day because like his big brother, he's not into mom "filming" the event so I rounded up some unseen pics from the last few months that I happen to adore.
Yeah, I know. They capture his two favorite things- phyical activity and food.
And since creativity is definitely not his thing I had to throw this one in.

I really enjoyed planning and spending some one on one time with these three. They really have been great siblings to the lil' lady~ I'm so proud of them. And speaking of the lil' lady, well, I was blessed to have been able to spend her first three months here at home with her before going back to work in a week. It'll be hard to go back- I've really loved being home to see her blossom and to see the others off to school and to be there when they get home...maybe someday it can be permanent! Either way, God is Good

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  1. I hope your transition back too work isn't too traumatic!