Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sunday Snapshot~ school project

the First Lady has a "wax museum" school project she has been preparing for the last few weeks. it required her to choose a person that was deceased and had changed the world. she chose Princess Diana. Diana has been a favorite of ours for a very long time, what an amazing lady she was! the First Lady said she was classy. classy was an understatement. we were lucky enough to see the Diana exhibit when it came through Minneapolis in 2012.
we were able to see her childhood toys and photos, her jewelry and even her wedding dress. it was lovely.
  i think the exhibit definitely left an impression on her and i was so excited to help her with her project. she has to dress the part and write and memorize a speech that she will give when classmates and parents come through the "wax museum" and press her button.

it took us a while to gather up the pieces. all but the tiara came from a second hand store so that was a deal! she even picked out her own jewelry to match and borrowed her great grandmas pearl earrings and mama's tights. the hard part was getting that long hair to appear short but after quite a bit of frustration we decided to just hide it behind her in a pony tail.  
Here is her speech...
"What if you were a kid disliked by everyone because you lost a limb or had speaking problems?
My love for kids started when I used to work in a nursery in London. I spent my time with kids that had AIDS. Now kids like this don't feel this way because of me. I wasn't afraid to hold them or be with them.  
I was born July 1st 1961 and died at the age of 36 in a car crash. I had one sibling and had an infamous marriage to Prince Charles. My name is Princess Diana, and no, I am not a fairy tale princess.
So you know how I said I had an infamous marriage? Well that's true. I married Prince Charles Prince of Whales. My marriage took place at St. Paul's cathedral in 1981.
3,500 people came to my wedding. But little did I know that he was still in love with his ex- Camila Bowles.
Right after we had our two sons Prince William and Harry, we divorced.
I made a difference in the world by supporting many charity projects. 
I helped to change what the world thought of AIDS sufferers,
and I started a land mine campaign. I did this because adults and kids lost arms and legs in landmines.
I succeeded in my goal to pray for and comfort kids.
{our photo session got a bit silly}

Shortly before my death I met with Mother Teresa.
She always said, "Diana is my daughter". After I passed, everyone had these little purple teddy bears with white roses on them in memory of me."
Ni Hao Yall

Saturday, February 8, 2014

found on the ipad~ Feb. 8 2014

so a few posts ago i presented photos taken with my ipad. it's just so convenient lately! the quality is pretty good and transferring them to the pc from the ipad to post is much easier than grabbing the usb cord and attaching the camera. since my life is all about convenience i decided to create a new label and post series called "found on he ipad". more so for remembrance than photo quality, i'm sure everyone will find what's on my ipad quite fascinating!
Arwyn- i find her in this position quite often.
 our oldest son's injured foot- gross i know, but i was keeping track of the swelling and redness of the cut to be sure it wasn't getting infected so a few times throughout the day i would take a picture of it for comparison. plus, i'm sure he'll want to remember it.
 a star is born- my mama's third book is published!
 random- i saved this from Pinterest because it was so darn funny. i call it Minnesota cat.

Arwyn again- and her smiling face:)
  not mine- but wonderful to find. you see because our school district provides ipads for all students the kiddos have their ipads linked to mine due to our Apple id. so...anything they photograph or save in their photos shows up on mine too. so i find all kinds of stuff. not sure who saved it but i like :)
 baby owl- could not - not save this.
not mine again-  our second is trying to grow out his hair and apparently he was checkin' it's progress. nice waves.
 please to meet you- something i stumbled across and made me smile so i saved it. a penguin being introduced to a baby dolphin. i realized when looking at this not many creatures look like their grown-up self as babies. but a dolphin does!! think about it.
Merry- found sleeping in my "clean" clothes bucket waiting to be folded.
 wind chill chart- something i should've saved years ago when we moved to the frozen tundra.

lone survivor- a bowl found in the fridge. could someone not have eaten this strawberry and put the empty bowl in the sink? why was this one left behind?