Monday, January 17, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~ FREE

Yep, even though I'm ready for winter to be done (and we've got what, possibly 3 months left?) I have to remind myself that winter around these parts is okay because it means a whole lotta fun free ways to wear my kids out family outdoor activities This outdoor rink is within walking distance...Yay!
There are actually two, side by side!
It's lit at night and has a tiny heated trailer you can sit in to warm yourself up...which means if homework is done, after dinner we can head out for a lil' while- on a school night.
Yeah, I said a school night. Gotta problem with that? Cause this guy certainly doesn't

Some prefer to stay in the car
And some prefer to try to play it cool when mom is on the ice with her camera and there are friends from school nearby.
Notice his attempt to not be part of the picture I called them together to take. We were ordered off the ice shortly after...that is, me and the camera.

I had a smile just as big, mostly because I knew the poor things would just be plain tuckered out when we got home.
Oh, and also because it is FREE
Although I'm so ready for this again


  1. Looks like so much fun!

    And it's free....that's the best part!

    Although, I personally would be an 'inside' person, I love the idea of getting the get their...uuummm, exercise for the day! ;)

    We probably won't see any hint of warm weather for another three months as well.....

    Your last picture gives me hope!

  2. FREE is the BEST... especially when it's that much FUN!

  3. I am with you! Warm weather please come on!

  4. Next winter you need to go skating at Edinborough Park in Edina. They have a beautiful man made canal that is open to skating and have music piped in, Christmas lights and it's absolutely beautiful at night. It is beautiful in the summer also. They have free concerts on Sunday nights, free kids programs Wendesday mornings and then free movie nights on Friday nights. We enjoy our summers in MN as you can see that our winters are MUCH TOO LONG! Don't worry, only a couple more months and the snow will be gone. Just kidding. Well, kind of...

    It was fun to "meet" you. You have a darling family. Looks like your littlest has settled right in. (I sometimes wonder about doing an international adoption from Korea. Was the process as scary as they make it sound?) Zeke liked seeing his teacher and her family on a blog. And it is nice to see another MN blogger. My sister lives in Lakeville, we go play hockey on different rinks there all the time.

    I will have to drop in to the art room next time I am around. And today were going to make a trip to Michael's for paperclay to make a crook like King Tut had. I was sick though. He kind of creeps me out being married to his half sister and all. Zeke and I spent an hour looking at facts of his life. It was fun to get off of the nazi's for a while!