Saturday, March 8, 2014

Sunday Snapshot~ found on the ipad, february favorites

a few of these were found on the ipad, but they are all definitely my favorites from the month of February!
adoption has blessed our lives in more way than one!
 the First Lady at the wax museum presentation at school. she was Lady Di
 the Lil' Lady and Our Second climbing the snow mountains edging the driveway in 35 degree weather! shortly after this she went stomping in puddles. it was like a heat wave!
 a moment I caught that I love. Our Oldest getting ready to go to play practice on a school night.
 dad showing the First Lady how to play the trumpet. for a moment she wanted to join the band, but chose choir instead for 5th grade. this girl can sing like there's no tomorrow!
 breakfast for dinner, compliments of the hubs.
 i contributed the macaroni and cheese pancakes, compliments of Pinterest. they were actually very good!
 this was just too much. i title this photo "internet overload".
 the girls face timing their cousin in Virginia. the good in technology today.
 a sunset a few weeks ago.
 ahh, and then there's Our Second, who on any given weekend is in and out at least 4 or 5 times a day. even in below zero temps. he's just gotta do it. he even puts his clothes, coat and snow pants in the dryer to warm them up for the next time he goes out!
so glad February is done, here's to the great meltdown and the start of baseball season!
God is good!
Ni Hao Yall