Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sunday Snapshot~ Freckles

I've always noticed every freckle that turns up- on arms, backs, legs and especially on faces. Two out of my four are very fair skinned so they were like a white canvas when they were little and those freckles were easy to spot once they surfaced. Of course during the summer they loved to make their debut. Our oldest literally had a constellation appear on his forehead one August. The First Lady awoke one morning with this one about a month ago. I swear it wasn't there the night before and that the freckle fairy must've paid an overnight visit.

So it was to my great surprise when Lil' Lady came up with one of her own. In the same spot. {well almost}

Since we missed a good many of her"firsts" I'm glad I at least get the opportunity to catch that freckle.

and I'm especially glad that as sisters they get to share it:)

Friday, August 26, 2011

One morning.....

Pop Pop decided he'd tackle our front door that was in dire need of a new color

It was long before help arrived, even bringing in her own chair

With a few more onlookers it began to get a little crowded
So I gave the assistant her own brush so she could hone her door painting skills

It wasn't long before she was on to my intentions to distract her and decided it was her new job to bring Pop Pop paper towels instead

A few more onloookers as they rolled out of bed....
and it soon became near impossible for poor Pop Pop to get the job done.
So while some went to eat breakfast, others were banished to the deck
which needed a nice new wet wash
Thanks for the new door Pop Pop!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Got it down....

..the look, that is

The hair, the accessories......

Still workin' on the goatee though

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Can you help this family?

I have been watching Mandi's blog for the last two years. They are a faithful family trying to overcome many roadblocks in order to bring home Kalia.

They are so close, but could still use some help in getting to their goal. Mandi has created an awesome fundraiser with several Vera Bradley handbags to be won. Click on this link to see them and get the details- donating is easy peasy with a paypal link directly on her blog.

I remember hurdles we had to overcome in order to bring home our Lil'Lady and with God's help we made it by the skin of our teeth. Take a look at Mandi's blog , and who knows, maybe in the end you just might end up with a sweet VB purse:)

God is Good

A visit

We had a visit from family last week and went to the fair!

Lil' Lady allowed her Uncle to take her on the carousel

She warmed up to it right 'bout the time the ride stopped

This was her first time meeting her Aunt, Uncle and cousin

First Lady enjoying a spaghetti sundae

Back at home the cousins bonded more than ever

and things got a little sad on their last night to visit

Brothers hung out on the computer

while Lil' Lady washed her Uncle's knees

The GrandKids on Daddy's side
the two best out of about 30 taken! and then of course the silly face photo

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Becoming a family of 6

These are never before posted pics of the day Lil' Lady was given to us. For more on our first day with her see here
Shortly after this photo we rode the elevator down to the lobby where a taxi was waiting to take us back to our hotel
I was told to get in the backseat and they literally handed her to me and we sped off. I took a moment to look out the back window as we pulled away to see our social worker leading our sobbing foster mother back into the building
She eventually cried herself to sleep- it was a strange feeling to hold a baby in a moving car
Our first attempt at dinner left us all frustrated
She finally took solace on dad's shoulder
Our first attempt at utilzing the carrier
And then when dad and big brother headed out to bring back dinner I saw a glimpse
of a personality
She loved the hallway mirror and the bathroom scale

and in the end her favorite was the walk in shower and the sounds of the toilet & bidet

Happy one year anniversary home baby- time has just flown

God is Good