Saturday, August 6, 2011

Was I really there?

While browsing my files to find some never before posted pics from our South Korea trip a year ago it seemed so surreal. Did I really travel so far out of the US? I mean the hubs has done so many, many times but not me!
On our way to the adoption agency to meet our social worker in Seoul and then travel to Lil' Lady's foster home to meet her for the first time

This was her foster families apartment entrance. I remember this moment so and sticky and something more than butterflies in my stomach.

She met us in the doorway with a huge smile..after all we were just visitors for a little bit. Little did she know!!
Her foster mom was a bit sad already; you could tell Lil' Lady was going to be missed

We could only stay for an hour and through translation we learned a little bit about our new daughter. She loved baths and she loved to eat. Still true today!
For more on our first meeting go here

Our Korean agency at one point had worked with Korean celebrities in attempt to promote domestic adoption.

During their visits to the orphanage they had left messages behind

I know they were heartfelt but unfortunately not even movie stars or pop singers can convince the people in country to adopt. There is still very much a stigma attached to orphans in South Korean culture and now with fewer and fewer babies being allowed to leave the country to international families it is creating a horrible situation. This article written recently will fill you in, but as of last May there were 1800 babies with no where to go. It is heart wrenching and so unfair when there are so many families here in the US more than willing to bring them home.

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