Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Our second lately

We were still in Korea on this day last year...just about ready to have our little girl handed to us forever. I have more of those moments for tomorrow but for today I'd like to feature our second. Our little league pitcher

Who also happens to adore his new little sister. In fact, when she's not happy and this guy happens to be in the room at the time- she goes to him. Definitely gonna have to step up my game a little. He has the patience of Job when it comes to her. Especially when she's buggin' him when he's trying to get his morning workbook done. He hates the workbook, but she loves it and finds it a roarin' good time.

some conversation

a little distraction
a bit of help
and some singin'

I tell him he's gonna make a great dad someday and he just smiles.

I can't wait for that day:)

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