Sunday, October 18, 2015

labor day 2015.......

well look at this, a new post!
i should say that any posts from here on out will be completely out of order. at this point, there's no way i can worry about chronological order with the amount of moments captured i'm behind on:)
so here we were on Labor Day 2015. the eve of back to school and back to structure and routine.
let's do something different i thought, so we headed to an apple orchard and picked raspberries.
because the raspberries were cheaper to pick ;) 
there were goats and alpacas and miniature donkeys to love as well as really cool play areas.
 it was still pretty hot so we picked and played but didn't stay too long.
after all, we had lunches and back packs to pack and clothes to lay out.
funny enough, not many were too fond of raspberries in general, even though they were really fun to pick.
the majority are currently in our freezer, but dad did make some raspberry apple smoothies for everyone when we returned home.
if i recall, we all got in the pool and had one last family swim before the start of another school year.
 hard to believe it's already half through October!
{and even though we really haven't enjoyed them yet, they sure are pretty to look at!}

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