Friday, July 31, 2009

Just the Kids

Haven't been writing much lately, mostly because time on the computer is pretty short lately. With the "sign" just about ready to go in the front yard and teachers reporting back in only 13 days my goal has been to finish all my big projects by tomorrow so I can devote what's left of our summer to the kids. I have to say they've been troopers; instead of mom playing wii games and Barbies, going on little adventures, fun cooking projects in the kitchen and pretty much just hangin' out with them they've been left to their own devices to entertain themselves. I think they've heard a million times - not now guys, mom's busy. So, next week we will do something special each day in order to end our summer with a blast. Nothing huge, but I'll keep things a secret for now and blog about it later. I missed them this summer!

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  1. hello! i stopped in via...well, someone's blog...your stat counter will figure it out...and anyway, i have two children adopted from korea (ages 13 and 12) and one from China (age 7). Oh how I loved our adoption journeys. I encourage you to travel to Korea when it's time to meet your child (perhaps you are; I didn't read too far back). To give your child your memories of their birth country, with your own family pictures and meeting their foster (or birth?) family, is just priceless.