Monday, July 6, 2009

"Not Me Monday" Corn Wars

Welcome to another "Not Me Monday" - check out MckMama over at "My Charming Kids" to the left to find out what other mom's are needing to confess to today! As for me, what was intended to be a delightfully fun activity out in the front yard this weekend turned into corn wars.

"I'm faster at corn husking than you"- she says

"Mom, can I just do this by myself, she's so annoying" - he says

"I know it" - she says

"I can still do more than you"- she says

"Oh yeah, well you can't get all of the silk off. I can" - he says

"Whatever" -she says

"Mom, she's so annoying. Can I just go ride my skateboard?"- he asks

I did not make them stay and finish helping me.
Check the "look"........

............and this one too.

I most certainly did not allow her to eat raw corn on the cob.

And no, I do not allow my son to wear socks like that, ever.

I did not keep taking pictures.

Last, I did not laugh hysterically when she complained that he always picks on her first.

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