Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Top Ten Reasons to Move to Minnesota..........

.......as revealed by the kids.

Reason #1 The Food

They sure love to eat, and enjoyed eating at some local places such as Bridgeman's for breakfast, Grandma's Bakery for a mid afternoon snack and Randy's for lunch.

This giant peanut butter and chocolate rice krispie treat in the food court of M.O.A. at only $2 is reason alone.....
....and our second was particularly fond of this sign -

Reason #2 Fun Friends

The people are friendly! Our kids were quick to make friends wherever they went.

There were even some furry ones hangin' around in the toy store!

Reason #3 Strange Artsy Bike Festival with Even Stranger Dressed People

Not sure what this was all about (maybe some of you local readers could fill me in?) but we enjoyed it for the few minutes we hung around none the less. Our oldest was the only one brave enough to test out the "art bikes".

Reason #4 Evidence of Some Hills

This one reminded us of "Little House on the Prairie". Not as big as our Maryland mountains but they're there if you look hard enough.

Reason #5 The Mall of America

Very magical when it's where you buy your first pair of "dangly" earrings!

Reason #6 Big Parks, Lots Of'em

Daddy really loved the trees. I loved the art here and there. The kids wanted to stay forever at every one we stopped at.

Reason #7 Water, Water, Everywhere

Reason #8 Interesting Little Towns to Explore
We covered a lot of ground, drove through many nice areas. The kids enjoyed seeing each town's sign.

Reason #9 Convenient Restrooms

Our second took comfort in the fact that the state had taken his bladder into consideration and placed convenient restrooms here and there. You know, construction sights and old abandoned trucks and the like.

Reason #10 The Weather

Although we kept hearing that the weather was uncharacteristic of this time of year for Minnesota, we loved it! Sunny, breezy and mild.

And just for good measure, momma's gonna offer up...

Reason #11 Loved the Flowers!

Where ever we went, there were beautiful hanging baskets lining the streets and bridges.

And here is the last bank that Jesse James robbed! Probably because of the mean ol' lady behind the counter. She's still there don't ya know.

Yep! We all enjoyed our time in Minnesota. The kids were definitely sad to go home. I had to keep reminding them that it wasn't like other vacations... that one day Minnesota will be our home!

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