Thursday, July 23, 2009

Looking For Some Great Blogs?

After waiting until the kids are in bed to check in on a few of my favorite blogs (see list to the left), I often wonder what other blogs are out there waiting for me to discover. Perhaps another Christian mom like me preparing for an adoption? A 987 mile move? Maybe just a mom enjoying her family (pets included)! I've learned so much from these other women just in the short time I've been "dropping in" on their lives- so I know there's much more out there to be taken in! Lynnette over at "Dancing Barefoot On Weathered Ground" has come up with a way to share all of our favorite blogs. Click on the "Getting To Know You" Button to the left to find a huge list of blogs on her site. Post yours so other bloggers can find you! Have fun!

And since I rarely post without a's one from today-

Is this a happy mutt or what?

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