Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Snapshot- Did you ever wonder... much you can put inside a one gallon resealable bag?Probably more than you think

We were told by our agency that we were allowed to send one care package to our daughter. It would be sent over with another traveling family and delivered to her social worker who would then deliver it to her foster mother. Yeehaw! We couldn't wait to do some shopping for our new little girl. But wait, it all must fit in a ..

Well, shop we did. It was hard I tell ya, to limit what to send to our sweet little girl. This is what was bought!

See that yellow star? It's recorded with our voices. Her brothers and sister, and mom and dad all recorded a message for her.
And that little album in the middle was filled with pictures of us

Thanks to my mom, the master packer, it all fit. Can you believe that?
A few days ago it left for South Korea.

We're still patiently waiting on our I600. I've been stalking the mailman daily.

This is the document that classifies an orphan that will be adopted by a U.S. citizen as an immediate relative to that citizen and allows her to enter the United States.

After that, there are about 6 more steps involving the Korean Embassy, a few calls to DC, and the Korean Ministry for her passport to be issued.
Then, 3 last steps which include her Embassy appearance and Visa interview.
And after that we get the call,

and then we're goin' to get her!

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  1. Oh my gracious you go girl!!! One gallon size bag, oh to challenge a waiting mother like that!! That is awesome!

  2. Awesome!! Your Mom should charge for that packing ability!! LOL!

  3. Nice packing! How exciting to be getting so close to your little one.

  4. I am so excited for your family!!! What a sweet pic of your waiting daughter!!! Your children her are just precious too! I LOVE the care package you sent!!! The star is the best and she will love the little album. God bless you as you wait for I600. Hope it's today!!!