Thursday, April 19, 2012

Please pardon the mess as I work on a new design!
Could be awhile.....

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Snapshot~ Stache

trip to the dentist yesterday
no cavities, but he did get a majorly cool mustache after his checkup. my first thought was, you're way to old now to be gettin' something from the prize drawer, but apparently the dentist didn't think so. every boy wants to try out the stache don't ya think? 

i mean, it worked for this guy, right
this boy's got some confidence too because he wore all through Target and dinner at McD's. he must've known he'd get an older girl to compliment him on it:)

Spring Break

busy is an understatement. i know it's been a month since my last post and boy do i have piles of pics and posts to get to. every time i sat down to write one though someone needed me or i was dog tired or i realized they changed the format here on blogger and i couldn't post as quick as i used to because i simply couldn't figure out what in the world i was doin', and that. made. me. mad. i don't like change thank you very much, i was quite happy with the way things were.
anyhow, spring break was about 3 weeks ago and since my school has a different week than the kids district we can't really spend it together. so i made up for that by buying some healthy snacks for them to plow through for the week. our second was ecstatic. a good many of these are normally taboo in the pantry so it was good eatin' for a while.
  speaking of our second, he's still cookin'. this was a saturday morning making fudge.
  i guess it was a bit nippy in the kitchen
i love to watch him cook.
he follows the recipe, but wants to improvise too.
this was supposed to be chocolate fudge, but he found a half a bag of leftover ande's mints and sprinkled them on top.
mama wasn't a big fan of fudge.....
until i tried his :)