Wednesday, January 29, 2014

the doc is in

so big brother cut his foot while dancing in the shower a few days back. the er doc used Dermabond to close it up but it didn't quite last so we found ourselves in the doctors office this morning .
 for once, it wasn't an appointment for the Lil' Lady so she was more than thrilled to suit up and assist instead of being the patient.
turns out his cut should've been stitched instead of glued the doctor said but since it was partially healed the only thing she could do was use some stay strips and bandage it up. no infection though so that was a good thing. 
the Lil' Lady watched every move the doc made and had a multitude of questions. 
she kept saying "that's disgusting" while the doctor worked on his foot so who knows if the doc phase will last!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Snapshot~ january 2014

i've gotten lazy. sometimes my camera is just too many rooms away so i've found myself grabbing my ipad more often than not to capture some moments. been giving up quality but at least not the memory!
 the majority of these January moments have been brought to you by my ipad.
this was the Lil' Lady eating her DQ blizzard from a bowl one night. much easier that way.
these are what we call "hobbit balls", because you eat them for "second breakfast" just like a hobbit. they have become the favorite snack of our oldest. he wants them so often i've had to teach him to make them himself. they're no bake and filled with all kinds of natural ingredients so at least they're good for him.
the Lil' Lady no longer likes the pears in her fruit cup. I provide you...the evidence.
the First Lady eating. i point this out because she has eliminated just about everything from her diet lately. breakfast has become quite a chore. this was a egg and bacon bagel her dad made her. bet she doesn't like it again on Monday.
the Lil' Lady loves the Bee Gees.
her favorites are "How Deep is your Love"& "Emotion"
she had found an instrumental version of those songs on our old keyboard and played it over and over.
when i finally showed her the real deal on you tube she went crazy!
we learned that Our Second looks a bit like Christian Slater....
and that our new kittens are a bit strange. they like to move objects from place to place. we never know what we're going to find in the morning.
after 24 years of service the hubs has retired. no more weekend jaunts back to MD for drill or surprise deployments!
we had a big's the Lil' Lady takin' him out to dinner.
it has been cold. i say plain ol' cold because i'm tired of looking for other interesting ways to describe it. we have had 4 school closures in 3 weeks, not due to snow, but to dangerous wind chills. wind chills that topped -60 on one day!
not sure when this polar vortex of a winter is going to let up, but i admit cabin fever is starting to set in.
on one of those school closure days i heard a commotion upstairs and went to investigate.
the Lil' Lady was throwing herself a birthday party in her bedroom and had invited her brothers and sister.
(shhh...her birthday isn't actually until July)
she was a bit bossy with the "party games" so eventually everyone cleared out.
which made her a bit sad, but she thanked them as they were leaving anyway!

we discovered our Second had some awesome hair-dos when he was sitting in the corner with his ipad in the dark.

and i took advantage of Richard Sherman's playoff rant and made my own reminders around the house. ya know? i think i can relate to his frustrations some times.

i made a resolution to include more pics of myself around here. i have discovered the "selfie".
found the First Lady asleep on the floor with one of the kittens one day....
ironically, i took this one several days later. those kittens must emit some kind of sleeping potion.

in all, it has been a decent January. cold weather in all. so thankful we have heat, something we just take for granted.
hope everyone else has been staying warm!
God is Good! 
Ni Hao Yall

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Snapshot~ the outdoorsman

our Second is the outdoorsman
when everyone else wants to stay by the fire and watch movies....
he wants out.
on New Years Day it wasn't near as cold as it's predicted to be today, but still with wind chills in the negative. and that's too cold for everyone else in the family to go outside except for this guy.
so he convinced me to take him skating. he wanted to see what his "street" stick could do on the ice. see that smile?? he was totally in his element.
I had to force him into the warming house several times. he loved having the entire ice to himself.
guess no one else was crazy enough to be out!

and i loved having the opportunity to get some one on one time with him and capture some shots.

he's lettin' that hair grow out for a while and i think i'm starting to get used to it!
yep, this boy loves to move. one day cooped up in the house is just one day too many.
thank goodness here in the frozen tundra we have some options....
especially free ones..

 to keep this guy happy!

Ni Hao Yall