Wednesday, March 11, 2015

the First Lady picture file clean out...

ahhh.. the last file. i have successfully cleaned out every "future post" pic file that housed images that were long overdue. i saved the First Lady for last because, well, there were so many.
she loves the camera and willingly lets me practice getting shots wherever and whenever. with no complaints!
she is a photographers dream. not that i'm a photographer by any means, i just like to take pictures...and she lets me:)
like the rest of the kiddos, some of these go back 8 months or so!
waiting to see her brother's play back at the end of summer

at the pumpkin farm and skating rink
our selfie!
her selfie!

with Pippin after softball and dressed as the Cheshire Cat for book character day

carvin' pumpkins and helpin' Grandma and Pop Pop transport a rescue dog to a forever home
got up early to curl her hair for her school Halloween party, it actually stayed in!
she'll kill me if she sees i posted this one. she hated it, i loved it:)

making her own sugar scrubs and texting, texting, texting...

with Merry our moose cat
still loves her Disney princesses, especially Rapunzel and Flynn
she can be pretty tough though...sportin' her jelly fish stings from the beach last summer
her knot from a stray softball at practice,
and a pretty good cheek bruise from tripping into a wall. she didn't think it was funny.

a favorite, workin' on homework with dad:)

and texting... or playing some kind of app or game
still likes to dress up... she was headed to a birthday party where she was supposed to dress as a pop star so she chose Kesha above...below i have no idea what that was, but i liked it:)

she's just a ray of sunshine (and a daddy's girl)

she makes me laugh...all the time.

horse back riding with her great uncle

shooting a music video with friends last summer

Sunday, March 8, 2015

the brothers

no, not those brothers...these brothers.
Merry & Pippin
 the same boys who were abandoned in a woodpile about a year and a half ago and now maintain a huge presence in this house.
 in fact. they've taken over. 

 this one has destroyed things, many, many things. including shoes. i mean, what cat can chew through rubber crocs? oh wait, this one can. thirty bucks down the drain.
 they love the barrel...

 and take up all of our seating, with or without you on it.
{Tink & MoonPie)
 Merry is prone to watching whatever is on the tube
 and loves to be in places he shouldn't

 they sure do provide us a lot of entertainment!