Monday, March 2, 2015

the Lil' Lady going way, way back

so before i move on to posting recently taken pics i realized i had better clear out my "unposted" file.
found these faves of the Lil' Lady from waaaay back when she went to urgent care with her big bro so he could have the cut on his foot stitched.
not sure if she still wants to be a doctor as much as she used to when these were taken.  hold on...let me ask her real quick."ummmm, yes. i want to help all the people who are sick. it will be my favorite job"
 so there you go.
fell asleep during big brothers play!

still loves her "Frozen" and any and all princesses
meeting a Korean War vet at the Veteran's Day event at the high school

loves her cats...watching tv with Merry and snuggling with Rebecca

Easter egg hunt

and sporting her new bob last spring

pre-k graduation!
ice cream for breakfast on the last day of school :)
being her big brothers and big sister most dedicated spectator

pizza by the pool
she really mastered the whole scooter deal last summer. perhaps it's time for a bike??

her 5th birthday

example above of mom trying to just "let it go" and relax about stuff. i did well.
helpin' mom snap the beans

jumpin' in puddles during a rain out at her sisters softball game

birthday morning breakfast with Great Grandma's fancy china

first day of kindergarten...that hug :)

Pete the Cat during book character day
and then mustache day :)
swingin' at the pumpkin farm
Little Chef's day at school with Grandma as her helper
Kindergarten friends
awaiting our first snowfall with Pop Pop

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