Sunday, February 15, 2015

just random...and in no particular order

so this is just my lazy way of dumpin' a bunch of photos in a post and callin' it a day!
Fiona the Ford on her sick bed. brought her home fall of 2002 and still goin' strong. i think. don't know what i'd do without her. she's back on the road however, so that's good. i missed her:)
 the sisters about 5 months ago? short sleeves, so yeah.
havin' a family movie night...or so i thought. with the faint glow of social media there i'm not so sure.
 the Lil' Lady and dad shelling kisses for a holiday recipe. can you technically shell a Hershey kiss? well we did.
 found this on my ipad...the treadmill tryin' to get in on the selfie. it's pretty lonely, if ya know what i mean.
 okay, so here's a better family movie night. i believe we were watching the Grinch Who Stole Christmas, the Jim Carrey version. The Lil' Lady couldn't see the humor and was a bit scared of him so she left to go watch something different.
 our oldest trying to show off his muscles every chance he gets. the First Lady was makin' her homemade sugar scrubs.
 found these two snuggling on the couch.
aaaand they're both out.
the brothers bathing simultaneously
 more selfies, including a favorite on Christmas day with almost the whole fam.
i had posted this on Facebook a while back, but i wanted this moment documented for good so here it is.
 some of the First Lady's Christmas gift cards had somehow fallen behind the washer and dryer.
her big brother as irritated as he was to hear her complain took out his gum and placed it on the end of his hockey stick.
she was skeptical but it worked and he was the hero.
 as much as these two argue I just had to document it.
 Becca May's foot which strangely looks like a koala bear
Pippin in my teacher bag
we'll end with a short concert

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