Friday, February 6, 2015

6 months....of her friends

so the First Lady is the social butterfly of the family.
 it kicked in about fourth grade and has been going strong ever since.
to post 6 months of the First Lady without mentioning her friends just wouldn't be right.
we've had them over more times than i can count and have gotten to know them pretty well...
  and each and every one of them is pretty awesome.
she's got her girlfriends and her boys that are friends and they all get along and treat each other great.

 and this makes mama pretty happy with middle school creeping up on us in about another 6 months. 



 one get together last June turned into once a week get-togethers in the summer which turned to once a month get-togethers once the school year hit. Thankfully they have stuck together, even though some ended up with different teachers.


 best investment of our time and energy. EVER
 just wish we would've thought to start this years ago with the brothers.

  we've gone skating, watched movies, played board games, gone swimming, sang karaoke, played baseball, rode bikes, roasted marshmallows, filmed a music video, played basketball, painted rocks, gone to the Homecoming game, made masks, rang the Salvation Army bell, played ping pong and ate lots and lots of popcorn:)
 calling to see if they can stay just a bit later...

 movie nights...gotta pick just the right one or they get bored super quick and then it can get a bit crazy.

 my two favorite pics by far of the crew!

 {music video filming day...our Oldest was the director}

 {Halloween parties at school} 
 donations were tripled the day we chose to ring. a few weeks after, the Salvation Army sent us our totals and it was over 1K for the hours we rang!!

 {Christmas gift exchange}

 the day after Christmas venture to the mall!

 showin' off the new school shoes back in August

 {first day of fifth grade}
oh, and another favorite, but photo creds go to another mom:)

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