Wednesday, June 25, 2014

destin 2014

well here they latest attempt at doing my own photography. would love to be able to afford to have a professional photographer for these moments but just can't, so with the awesome camera the hubs got me for mother's day last year, some internet tips and 4 very patient kiddos these are my favorites from what I was able to capture on the beach in Destin. 
{out of about 70+ shots!}
my second favorite group shot. it's next to impossible to get the Lil' Lady to look into the lens so this was a lucky shot!
 these were all taken about an hour out from sunset. the only other option was sunrise but considering i am the only true morning person in the family that just wasn't happening :)
my favorite of Our Oldest

 another lucky shot. although she doesn't like to look into the camera, she REALLY loves to smile. i mean really. {see 11th shot down}
the First Lady is always easy to capture...she loves the camera!
 my favorite of Our Second

 her sister made the "seaweed" necklace for her
 my favorite of the First Lady

 told ya she likes to smile :)

 my favorite group shot ever! not sure if we were allowed on the lifeguard stand but it was empty so we took it:)