Thursday, July 3, 2014

catching up with The Oldest!

as i did with the First Lady and Our Second, and will do with the Lil' Lady soon after, here is an update on our First, the one the keeps us the busiest by far! 
 Fall 2013 production of Tom Sawyer..he was double cast as the Preacher and..
 Injun Joe!
 he had the crazy drunkin' limp down perfect.
 turned 15 this year..despite my many protests.

 and made the High School baseball team much to my excitement!
 he was just a tad impressed with this jersey, can ya tell?

 the exact same day he made the team it was also the opening night of his next play "Footloose"!
 that's him in the eighties gold tux up front.

 he's got a great group of friends from those plays and they sure can entertain when they're together!
 this was the backyard Easter egg hunt i asked him to participate in. mama's just not ready for him to give those up ;(

 and then shortly after that, it was on to his fourth play in a year. despite the bizarre costume change (yes, he's in the blue dress below) he was not double cast. The play was "The Lady Pirates of Captain Bree" and his character played a dude who dressed as a lady at some point to avoid being thrown overboard by the lady pirates!
 since it was his dad's birthday he let him try on his costume afterwards!

 right before school let out his dad took him and a bunch of friends to play paintball.
 his dad had enough camo and gear from his military career to outfit the whole bunch.
 headed off to be a sophomore in a few short months. not too happy about the warp speed these kids seem to be growing up in but i can say i sure am proud of them.
{watching the First Lady at her first game back in April}