Sunday, February 1, 2015

6 months of our Second

 our second for the past six months...
this boy is complex i tell ya, and i absolutely love every last little crazy bit of him.

prefers his ice cream in a cone as opposed to a bowl:)

not quite the social butterfly that his brother and sister are...
but he sure loves that Lil' Lady!

this was the day he was havin' a suspicious mole removed from his ear that his dermatologist was not too crazy about. with his dad's history of skin cancer it had to go. he wasn't nervous at all, at least not as much as i was.
it's that smile, gets me every time:)
post surgery and playin' the xbox.
summer muscles
convincing his dad to go traipsing through the back field marshes with him to explore.
and baseball...oh how i miss it. this boy can sure play. he also has grown a few inches. just lookin' at those legs i can definitely see it.

also the man of many hairstyles.
i'm always a bit confused as to where we're at with his hair at any given moment. it's either really, really long or really, really short and never in between. and also the opposite of the season. which is fine now, we need that long hair to cover his ears during the summer anyway.
and there it is again, that smile.

watchin' the hockey game

selfies...he sure loves them. think i snagged this one from instagram.
the #1 pose he his bro enjoy mocking.

he was proud of his handle bar bruise when he flipped over his bike in the fall. mama wasn't.
selfie with mom from the beach.
starting to think he's nocturnal

cookin' his own eggs:)

yes, you're #1.
the Pharaoh..
and the Princess.
{he let the Lil' Lady make him up, he would literally do anything she asked}
and again...i swoon:)

waiting to parasail with his sibs and not a bit nervous to do it.

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