Saturday, January 24, 2015

6 months of our Oldest

so here's the oldest. all 15 years and 6 foot 3 inches of him from the past several months. some from my ipad, some from my cell and some from the ol' camera.
{someone taller than him!}
taken in Destin, FL
 the country music phase, although not so sure I can still call it a phase, b/c it's still goin' strong. 
 a selfie from our FL vacation back in June
his Skateville attire
 summer texting on the couch in the garage. best move we ever made moving that thing out there. it ended up being a great place for the friends to hang
 and speaking of friends, this guys got quite the crew. most of the acting buddies from the plays he's been in. they are so fun to be around and always fantastic entertainment!

 yep...still goin' strong, did I say that already?

 i called this fifty shades of grey AND sleepy. these two were caught nappin' together in the family room one Sunday afternoon.

 rare moment he's clean shaven. still rockin' the side burns though.
 no, he's not driving in this pic. soon, though, very soon. i'll be sure to send out a warning to all.

 tolerating my first day back to school photo shoot...
 but loving his stop at Hooter's with dad.
 kayaking with a friend
 lovin' up his baby sis
more and more selfies with friends 
 he was actually on a horse in this pic below, looks like he's on a serious search.

 demonstrating the high school #1 pose

 and more friends
 this is the look i get when he needs cash
 still gaming above, but really workin' on the body building lately. this was about six months ago below. you should see him now:)
 yes, you're #1
 nice duck face.

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