Sunday, January 18, 2015

birthday...but last year

 just thought i'd better post the photos from the First Lady's birthday last year before her next one comes in a few months...that would be nice, wouldn't it?
 honestly i didn't realize i hadn't posted them until i came across the folder and then did a quick search on the ol' blog and couldn't find them:(
 so here she is on her 10th birthday. wow. she has changed so much in just less than a year.
 still my ray of sunshine though:)
 for her 10th we decided to let her choose a few friends to take to the Mall of America
 over 500 stores and these ladies spent most of their time in Claires!
 that's okay, she got lots of girl time pickin' out lip gloss, and trying on some fashionable accessories.
  i just stood back and watched, not believing that my girl was 10 already

 time sure flew

 so this is about the time i would say Happy Birthday sweet girl. seems a little odd with it being 294 days late and all 
but hey, better late than never i always say
stay tuned in about 69 days for her 11th birthday post...or not :)

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