Tuesday, February 9, 2010

There's been some talk, and a little fear....

...... amongst my three as to whether or not a person could be killed by an icicle.

I haven't mention this little bit of info. I found when googling.

My husband who I like to affectionately call the "frightened father" at times has already communicated strict instructions to not walk beneath them.

It's so hard though, even for me. They are a complete source of wonder to this family who's not seen an icicle that measured longer than 6 inches back home.


  1. Surprise! You're Wednesday's featured blogger on Getting to know YOU! I got a huge kick out of this post. My daughter Abigail was just saying the other day that she was just waiting for her enormous icicle outside her window to drop because she knew it was going to be "epic"! ha!

    Enjoy your visits!

    Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground

  2. Hello... just stopping by from Lynette's blog. Congratulations on being the featured blogger. I really loved reading your post about Killer Icicles. And there definately are some of those around my town too. I love your blog. It's fun and I really enjoyed visiting. My friend just finalized their adoption of their daughter from China. It took them over 3 yrs and now she is finally home with them. It was a wonderful, but sometimes frustrating adventure. Good luck bringing your daughter home soon.

  3. Lynnette was right! Killer iceicles!! Very interesting be safe and thanx for sharing!


  4. Ahhh... killer icicles. Haven't heard of anyone being killed by one - but I'm sure it's possible. Especially judging by the size of the ones you grow!

    Stopping off by way of Lynnette's blog!

    Many blessings,

  5. Stopping by from Lynnette's blog. :)

    LOVE your blog look--and what a wonderful title! *Laughs* We've had the whole icicle discussion too. My dad's paranoid about them, which led to my becoming paranoid. I mean, can you imagine get impaled with one of those babies? I shudder to think about it.

    Lovely blog. :)

    Love & Blessings,

  6. I am visiting from Lynnette's blog. First, I love your design and your blog name. Second, we have completed an international adoption so I understand the road you are on. Just as a way of encouragement, it is totally worth it! There is nothing like getting the call for your referral or passing court or meeting your child for the first time. God is big and he sets the fatherless in families! Many blessings to you.

  7. Those are some HUGE icicles! This post made me giggle. You have a really lovely blog. I came over to visit you from Lynette Kraft - you were featured today! I am so glad I found you!

  8. Oh my word, I have never ever seen icicles that big (or even half that size for that matter!)! Wow, they are huge. I don't think I'd want to be walking under them either :) Super cool pictures!
    I'm visiting from Lynnette's..congrats on being featured today :)

  9. Hi! I'm stopping by from Lynnette Kraft's blog. Your children are adorable!

  10. I have the funniest story about that! We had a man from the bank here to inspect our van for the end of our lease and while he was standing at the door talking to me a HUGE icicle fell almost on top of his HEAD! He backed up, put his hand up and looked scared! It was so embarrassing. :) Our Christmas lights had come loose and cause a large section of the icicles to fall. AH! :) don't tell your hubby that one. :) lol

  11. oh - I'm visiting from Lynnette's :)

  12. Hi! I'm visiting from Lynnette's. Congrats on being featured!! Killer icicles are something we just don't have to worry about here in Texas. Ha!

  13. Icicles are so pretty...it is fun to look at them as they glisten in the sun. I think of them as a work of art from the Creator's hand!

    I am Lynnette's mom, Linda and I am visiting today from her blog.

    May Blessings Abound!

  14. claudine@orphanscry.comFebruary 10, 2010 at 6:46 AM

    I'm visiting here from Lynette's blog, and had to just come right away b/c I don't know anyone else who talks about the potential of icicles killing someone. We've told our 4 kids (even yesterday as we were shoveling at my mom's) to not walk under those things -- shish-ka-bob (or in our case shish-ka-caleb/noah/daniel/esther - hee).

    We're having an abnormal winter here in MD. Another blizzard last night so 2 more feet of snow. Funny, so many people panic. The milk, eggs, and toilet paper are gone completely at the gro stores. Now really, if the storm is THAT bad, do you think some of us may lose power?? So wouldn't be a bit more advantageous to be certain you have some bottled/stored water, matches, grilling items???

    Well, enjoy YOUR snow...and beware the icicle man!!!

    Claudine T in MD

  15. Hello there! Visiting from Lynette's blog. I am just cracking up at your blog post! My son told his preschool director yesterday that he likes to eat the icicles off of the bottom of his Daddy's car! ha!!!! Such a pretty blog, and great to meet you!

  16. Visiting from Lynnette's blog. You whole blog is cute. Although, I have never lived in MN it makes you just feel cold looking at it. We live in Tx, and we don't miss the snow. I do believe an icicle could kill a person though.

  17. Hi! I'm stopping over from Lynnette's blog. What HUGE icicles!! I don't think I've even seen any that big! Great pictures.

    What a blessing to have such loving and willing parents! I can only imagine that you miss your beloved pets. Hoping they come home soon!

    And I love your blog! It is so fun and very pretty! have a blessed week!
    Lyn @ Southern Homeschool Journey

  18. LOL My kids LOVE LOVE icicles and try to knock them down.
    You have some massive icicles though!

    Love your blog and don't worry my mom has 4 dogs and 5 cats ;-) You can't even tell they are there!

    I'm stopping by from Lynette's :-)

  19. Visiting fro Lynnette's blog. I love your blog layout, so cute. I have never lived in a place where there are icecicles, but looking at those make me feel cold. The photos are beautiful!

  20. Hi

    Visiting from Lynnette's Blog.
    You have adorable children. I liked your story about icicles. We don't see them often in Oregon where I live. We have rainy winters. I love the rain.....But would like some snow.
    Have a wonderful day Janet

  21. stopped by from Lynnette's. I love your blog title and the quote about seeds in an apple and then bringing it back to God knowing how many apples there are in a seed. Beautiful!

    I live in Alaska and I have had some big icicles too! Sometimes they would hang of the back of our house and curl as they would fall of the roof. I always thought they would crash through the bedroom window when they finally fell of the roof. They never did.

    I have 6 children. (1 girl & 5 boys) The older 2 boys like to use the icicles as swords. I must admit however that I have never been paranoid about them playing with icicles.

    Your blog is beautiful and I enjoyed stopping by.


  22. Killer Icicles! LOL I love that. My boys LOVE icicles, they are forever eating them. gross... I'm sure glad I'm not a boy!

  23. Visiting from Lynettes' blog. And I really miss the wonder and questions from younger kids. Killer Icicles!! ha ha ha ha ha

  24. Here from Lynnette's! When I was younger my sister and I would break off the icicles and eat them and use them as swords or javelins. I guess I've never considered being impaled by one of them!

  25. Found you on Lynnette's blog! I LOVE your blog...the icicle pictures are fabulous! Can't wait to see pictures of your little daughter! How exciting! Our first is due in 70 days! =)

  26. Popped over from Lynnette's too. Sure glad I did. We have a "frightened father" as well and it's good to hear we're not alone!!

  27. Glad to have found you through Lynnette. Don't you just love the things kids come up with?

  28. Hello!

    Another visiting from Lynette's blog. :)

    The pictures are great! My husband is in the "frightened father" category as well. We had ice/snow a few weeks ago here in Oklahoma that produced some monster icicles! When the kids were outside he could be overheard saying, "Do NOT!!!! walk under them!!" LOL!

  29. Hi! I'm visting from Lynette's blog! Huge icicles! Frighten is right! Enjoyed your blog as well.

  30. Hi there, I too found you from Lynette's blog. LOVE your pictures.

    We have a heart to adopt as well. We've been having difficulties with the financial aspect of it.

    Right now we're walking slowly from the grief of losing our infant son after 8 years of trying and whom was a surprise. An accident caused a series of events and he arrived too early. But we know where he is and look forward to seeing him again in Heaven. Until then, our hope is STILL to adopt as well as try again too.

    Have you got any tips on programs to help parents with funding adoptions?

    I share in the excitement and can't wait to hear the day she's home with her family.


  31. Killer icicles! I only wish we could have those here. In the south all we get is a little cold and rain. When we were directed to come here from the blog "Dancing Barefoot on Weathered Ground" we knew we had to check them out. Maybe you guys could send us a little snow. Ha :)

  32. Those are killer icicles! My son always asks questions about the icicles. He wants to know how come one day there are no icicles and the next day they are there. I love how kids think. Very cute post. I am visiting from Lynettes "Getting to Know You"

  33. Lynnette sent me. I just adore your header! Gotta figure out how to do something creative with ours. You've inspired me.

    From one mom of two boys and a girl to another,
    keep blogging!
    Liz in CA

  34. Lynnette sent me over here!!! I LOVED this post...glad I'm not the only one who has thought of this! Beautiful pictures too by the way!!!

    Be Blessed!

  35. Howdy! Hopping over from Lynette's blog for her "Getting to Know You!" to say Hi! and, well, get to know you! *grin*

    We see icicles like that every winter on our house. One time we had some from the eaves of our house (it's a one-and-a-half-story house) clear down to where they touched the ground! Yes, they are beautiful to look at, but they can be deadly (distant family members know this).

    Love your header banner -- your kids are adorable!! Will be back to see you again!

    Congratulations on being this weeks featured blogger!

  36. Hey there...visiting from Lynette's blog...first let me say I have never seen such huge icicles! And so many!! I have often wondered the same thing, but I just wondered if it would hurt you, not kill you! Beautiful pictures!!

  37. Hey there...visiting from Lynette's blog...first let me say I have never seen such huge icicles! And so many!! I have often wondered the same thing, but I just wondered if it would hurt you, not kill you! Beautiful pictures!!

  38. Visiting from Lynette's! What a gorgeous blog! And oh my goodness, I have never seen an icicle like that! Wow!!! Steer clear!

  39. Hello...I am visiting from Lynnettes!..I love your photo's!..Very beautiful...and i would agree don't walk under them.. :) Have a Beautiful day!..