Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Snapshot- Gems and Gym Shoes

This Sunday it's the little lady. Stefanie over at Ni HaoY'all happens to have quite a few of those. If you're lookin' for some Sunday reading, click on over to read other mom snapshots!

This happens to be proper phys. ed. attire. Yep, just pair it up with jeans and gym shoes and you're good.

A girls gotta look good, even when you're workin' the parachute.

Right now life for this little lady consists of making things. Music, drawings, collages, friends, made-up recipes, and sometimes- just an eensy weensy bit o' trouble.

Growing like a weed and just sailin' right through kindergarten. I can't believe in less than 50 days she'll be six.

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