Friday, February 5, 2010

See This Lady?

She and Pop Pop have single -handedly taken on our zoo. You see, when we left Maryland five months ago, we could only take one. One out of the 11 pets we love and cherish. Hard on me and the hubby and even harder for the kids; but one it was. No cats were allowed so we took Arwyn because Annie is fourteen and as blind as a bat. So, living alone in an empty house with only an occasional visit every once in awhile from a human being? Not this crew. They are being spoiled and loved at the "Grandma & Pop Pop Animal Sanctuary"... in their house. Still fiercely missed by all of us out here in MN and counting the days until they come; but we are so grateful for the care and affection they are being given every hour of the day.

And it is a job. Food dish line-up.

Treat Time

By the way, MoonPie (the black and white) happened to be the focus of an intricately planned recovery operation one early Sunday morning after we left. MoonPie,you see, was a stray. One that came out of the woods a year or so before we moved, and one I had been feeding every morning and night in the driveway. I do that sort of thing- often- and much to my husband's dismay. Anyhow, I was literally in tears half way on the drive to Minnesota wondering "who will take care of MoonPie?". What I didn't know was that two grandparents who strongly believe in the reform NCLB- "No Cat Left Behind" were already on the case. While the morning dew was still beaded on the grass, they snuck over to the house, bagged him,and brought him to their home. You'll be happy to know that in the last five months he has been rehabilitated from his woodsy prowling ways and is now integrated into our cat family of now 7. Yes, I said 7. Got a problem with that?

The two littlest of the crew. Sadly, Ms. Daisy on the left passed away while we have been gone. The sanctuary however has reported that Ms. Gypsy has come out of her shell since and is doing well.

Entertainment is provided in the lounge.... well as exercise and games in the gym.

Just look..... these...

...grateful and...

...and indebted faces.

And Annie? Well, Annie's got it made. I'm wondering if she'll ever want to leave the sanctuary. She gets uninterrupted couch time, 3 meals a day instead of two and treats in between. The nightly massage is a favorite I hear too.

She thinks this winter storm back before Christmas in Maryland was just a one time thing, wasn't crazy about it at all. I mean, trudging blind through snowdrifts just to go to the bathroom?

I haven't told her where she's moving to yet :)

Photos taken by Pop Pop

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