Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dear Annie.....

How are you?
I have moved to Minnesota with the lady and the three kids. I have heard that you have moved in with the Grandma and Pop Pop and you all will be coming too as soon as the house sells.

Any word on the cats? Believe it or not, I miss chasin' their butts all around.

Things are okay I guess, but I miss our backyard. I go on lots of walks with the lady and sometimes the kids go too. Sometimes there are geese and I am frightened of them, so I duck.

I do get lonely here in the daytime when they are all at school; I wish you were here to keep me company.

The food is alright, I miss sharin' a can of Ol'Roy with you. The lady saves the other half in the fridge for the next day, but it's not so good cold. The kids slip me some scraps though when the lady isn't lookin'. They've been takin' real good care of me and I've been watching out for them.

Everyone says it gets real cold up here, but so far it hasn't been too bad. Good thing, or the lady will make me wear this again. She bought you one too but it didn't fit, remember?

Guess what? I get to sleep on the bed. Ya know how we always fought over the couch at night back home? Well now you can have it all to yourself because I'm a people bed sleeper now!

It's kinda slow around here, not much to do. Sometimes the boy throws the tennis ball for me and I really like to fetch sticks in the field. Sometimes I meet other dogs but I let'm know right off I'm not the friendly type. I think the lady likes that though because she feels protected by me.

Don't worry your blind little head Annie, I'm takin' real good care of'em up here. I know they miss you though and those good for nothin' cats so I know they'll be glad when you can finally make it up here. Take care of yourself, because believe it or not I kinda miss you and I'll be happy when we're back together.

Love, Arwyn

PS- I hear the squirrel poop back there's real good, just wait until you try the goose poop.

PPS- I'm sending along a picture of myself, do I look like I've gained weight??

Here is my favorite picture of you, I keep it on the fridge.

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